Eleon broke a production record

Estonian based technology multimegawatt-class wind turbine prototype Eleon, located in Saaremaa, Salme, broke a production record which can cover more than 2,800 of average home consumer yearly energy needs.

Despite last year’s bad wind conditions, Eleon 3MW wind turbine produced a record 11.3 GWh of electricity, which covered a total energy need of 2820 average home users. During the year before, which was better in terms of wind, Eleon produced 11.1 GWh of electricity, announced Eleon.

“These production figures could not be achieved if the wind turbine would not be constantly running. The availability of our wind turbine has been very high from the beginning but this year, it rose further to over 99%. This made us possible to produce even more energy in a year that was around 20% less windy,” said Oleg Sõnajalg, board member of Eleon Ltd.

The first 180-meter Eleon-technology based 3M116 windmill was erected in 2013, at Saaremaa. The windmill has successfully passed all grid testings, and a serial production will be launched. Serial production will take place in Aidu, Ida-Virumaa where also a 100MW capacity reference wind farm will be prepared in order to start the export of technology to foreign markets.

Established in 2007, Eleon Ltd. is an Estonian based technology innovation company focusing on multimegawatt-class direct drive wind turbines development and manufacturing.