Eleon bought a wind turbine blade factory from Finland

After year and a half of negotiations, Eleon has bought a Finnish wind turbine blade factory named Mervento, including all technology and fittings. The Finnish company itself only made it to the production of the first prototype. According to Oleg Sõnajalg, it was the closest factory to Eleon, and therefore a profitable purchase. Oleg and Andres Sõnajalg, founders of Eleon Ltd. are operating in order to launch recently purchased wind turbine blade factory at latest by the end of the year.

“We have had a long-term partnership with Finnish people, unfortunately their factory went bankrupt,” explained Andres Sõnajalg. “Their devices are suitable for our wind turbine blade production. By the autumn, we will move the equipment of the factory to Estonia. “The greatest phenomenon of bringing the wind turbine blade factory to Estonia is that, firstly, it is very labor intensive – it is handmade everywhere in the world,” described Andres Sõnajalg, co-founder of domestic windmill development company.

According to him, in this area there are already qualified people in Estonia. “All the luxury yachts are made from the same materials,” he explained. As a second important aspect, Sõnajalg brought out the transport costs, as bringing wind turbine blades from abroad should be considered with at least a 20-percent additional cost. “Not very large factories are established for the blades, but they are located next to the wind parks, to the point that removable factories will be created,” describes entrepreneur.

A technology company that operated aside the enterprise will help to put up the factory. This should take place in fall, as at the end of September Eleon Ltd. should bring the equipment of Mervento factory from Finland to Estonia.

“These type of factories will be built very quickly,” said Sõnajalg, pointing out that in a few months the factory would be up. The total territory would is estimated to be between two to three hectares. “With this equipment, in two shifts, it is possible to manufacture one blade per week, 52 blades or 17 sets of blades per year,” said Sõnajalg. As planning and calculations are still ongoing, he could not say the exact numbers of the workers yet, however depending on the volume of production, he predicts work places for a few fundred people.

By today, Oleg and Andres Sõnajalg have the signed all the necessary contracts for the construction of Aidu wind farm with total price of 165 millions. 70 percent of Eleon’s wind turbine components come from Estonian companies. These include ABB in Jüri, E-Profiil aside Tallinn, Remeks in Ida-Virumaa as well as many other smaller enterprises.


Eleon broke a production record

Estonian based technology multimegawatt-class wind turbine prototype Eleon, located in Saaremaa, Salme, broke a production record which can cover more than 2,800 of average home consumer yearly energy needs.

Despite last year’s bad wind conditions, Eleon 3MW wind turbine produced a record 11.3 GW/h of electricity, which covered a total energy need of 2820 average home users. During the year before, which was better in terms of wind, Eleon produced 11.1 GW/h of electricity, announced Eleon.

“These production figures could not be achieved if the wind turbine would not be constantly running. The availability of our wind turbine has been very high from the beginning but this year, it rose further to over 99%. This made us possible to produce even more energy in a year that was around 20% less windy,” said Oleg Sõnajalg, board member of Eleon Ltd.

The first 180-meter Eleon-technology based 3M116 windmill was erected in 2013, at Saaremaa. The windmill has successfully passed all grid testings, and a serial production will be launched. Serial production will take place in Aidu, Ida-Virumaa where also a 100MW capacity reference wind farm will be prepared in order to start the export of technology to foreign markets.

Established in 2007, Eleon Ltd. is an Estonian based technology innovation company focusing on multimegawatt-class direct drive wind turbines development and manufacturing.

A new generation of wind turbines

There are around 200,000 wind turbines in the world. On average, twelve fires involving these turbines take place annually. It is up to each person to decide if this number is too high or not. However, it is a fact that we all consume electricity every day and electricity production with wind turbines is an efficient and environmentally friendly method.

The fire safety of wind turbines suddenly became a topical issue following a recent fire in Viru-Nigula. Since I am in charge of Eleon, a company that manufactures large wind turbines, and we are in the middle of installing a wind farm in Viru County, I consider it necessary to explain why it is completely out of the question that the new wind turbines will catch fire like this. Although an expert analysis will reveal the specific circumstances, which led to the fire in Viru-Nigula, I will try to shed light on the likely causes of the fire.

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The Aidu wind farm will be completed in 2019

According to Oleg Sõnajalg, board member of Eleon AS, the company developing the Aidu wind farm, the foundation of the first wind turbine is currently being poured. The wind turbine is expected to be erected by the end of the year. Sõnajalg says that the park as a whole should be completed in 2019.

“The Aidu wind farm will be made up of 30 wind turbines. Its construction is underway, two large substations have been completed,” said Sõnajalg at the Äripäev conference “Industry Business Plan 2017” (or “Tööstuse Äriplaan 2017” in Estonian). He added that the foundation of the first wind turbine is currently being poured and it should be erected by the end of the year.

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Will the Eleon wind turbine become one of Estonia’s most expensive export products?

When the Estonian wind turbine manufacturer Eleon AS introduced its idea of launching mass production of multi-megawatt wind turbines nine years ago, many did not believe in the idea. According to Oleg Sõnajalg, board member of the company, there are now enough supporters who see value in establishing a new industry in Estonia. You plan to establish a wind turbine industry in Ida-Viru County and thus create 1,400 jobs by 2020. Many companies complain that there is not enough skilled labour available. Are you sure that you will be able to employ 1,400 people?

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