Eleon prototype wind turbine broke a production record in 2017

The Estonia-based multimegawatt-class Eleon prototype wind turbine, located in Salme Wind Park, broke the record in producing electrical energy in 2017 and as a result is capable of covering the yearly energy needs of more than 5,000 average home consumers.

The Eleon 3MW wind turbine produced a record 12.2 GWh of electricity. In the prior year, when wind conditions were less favorable, Eleon produced 11.1 GWh of electricity. The capacity factor for the Eleon wind turbine was 46.2%, which means that this kind of onshore wind turbine can successfully manage without feed-in tariff. The position of the wind power industry is that all wind turbines with a capacity factor over 45% are beneficial without feed-in tariffs, so Eleon is proud to announce the braking of this magical limit. “Until this day, there is no wind turbine that has been capable of such performance,” said Oleg Sõnajalg, board member of Eleon Ltd.

Serial production of Eleon-type wind generators has been launched in order to establish 30 units for Aidu Wind Farm. Based on the latest results with the Eleon prototype wind turbine, wind turbines at Aidu Wind Farm can produce electrical energy according to the market price. “As far as technology is concerned, Eleon has the capability of providing basic energy for all of Estonia, which has so far been dependent on non-environmentally friendly oil shale,” said Andres Sõnajalg, board member of Eleon Ltd.

Established in 2007, Eleon Ltd. is an Estonia-based technology innovation company focusing on multimegawatt-class direct drive wind turbine development and manufacturing. The first 180-meter Eleon-technology based 3M116 windmill was erected in 2013 at Saaremaa and successfully passed all grid tests. Serial production of wind turbines has been launched.